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Encouraging The Female Entrepreneur

SheCapitol facilitates monthly events that bring women entrepreneurs together to share and discuss ideas, brainstorm and support each other along our journey to success.

Inspiring Her To Achieve More In Life & Business

Each month we share stories and have talks with the amazing and UNIQUE women in our community. We hear their thoughts about their vision, life passions and the insights they have gained along this journey.

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Empowering Her With In-Person & Online Training Events To Help Her Grow

Through training and shared community educational events, we give our members the opportunity to expand their knowledge while getting to know our local industry experts.


Get some sleep

Yes you! Go to sleep!

I hear it all too often and I myself am guilty of it…burning that midnight oil. It’s a part of the uniform of an entrepreneur, long days and late nights. The big problem with this way of thinking and by extension living is that it is not sustainable long-term and can have grave effects on […]


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